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Lingerie for after dark...

Glow in the dark lace lingerie...

Tempt and tantalise in the bedroom



September 2021


Hello and thank you for discovering LuminoGlow….our beautiful glow in the dark lace is sure to tease, tantalize, and turn your partner’s head in the bedroom. Our lace has an added sexy, scandalous twist that you won’t find elsewhere; the lace really glows in the dark!

Some time ago we commissioned a well-established Italian lace maker to craft a lace that glows in the dark. The company was incredibly excited to take on this challenge! After many attempts they finally produced for us a lace that feels amazingly soft to touch and to wear, looks a million dollars and it glows sensationally in the bedroom when the lights are out!

LuminoGlow falls comfortably into a sexy, ultra-scandalous lingerie category that lets you show off your naughty side. It is extremely revealing and makes a bold statement that can’t be ignored. When the lights go out in the bedroom the lace lives on glowing in the dark….

Be proud of your body in the bedroom. Excite your partner ! ... day or night.

LuminoGlow’s bold, luminous bralettes and briefs were designed to be shown off with the lights on and the lights off!  In fact, keeping them hidden under layers of clothing is one of the ultimate lingerie sins!  Wearing LuminoGlow is a great first step towards getting out of your comfort zone and our lingerie allows you to rediscover your confidence within.

More than anything, don’t be afraid to find the spark you want!  Be bold, be game and more than anything wow and excite in the bedroom!