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Glow in the Dark Lace Lingerie...

It's Sassy...

It's Sexy...

It's for after dark...


The Name

The second you slip into your LuminoGlow lingerie, you will emit 'The LuminoGlow'. That is, a literal glow due to the high-tech Italian lace, as well as an inner glow. The name LuminoGlow reflects this luminescence – the glow you will feel inside and out.

The Philosophy

Designed in Australia at the LuminoGlow HQ, each and every piece visibly exudes luxury, sensuality and panache. LuminoGlow invests in only the finest Italian lace and fabrics, which are carefully crafted into exquisite garments that are beautifully soft against the skin. Nothing is left to chance, with the glow-in-the-dark lace strategically positioned to complement the lingerie and accentuate the body. Alluring in the light and provocative in the dark, LuminoGlow will empower the modern woman.

The Vision

LuminoGlow was founded by Jan Hawley – a self-confessed visionary with an eye for design and a passion for lingerie. Andrea Monti, an Italian with textiles expertise, needed no convincing to come on board. Together, Jan and Andrea have dedicated all of their efforts to creating the ultimate designer glow-in-the-dark lingerie with no shortage of luxury, femininity and seductiveness.

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