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Lingerie for after dark...

Glow in the dark lace lingerie...

Tempt and tantalise in the bedroom


SALE - Suspenders and Thong Offer

$30.00 AUD $73.80 AUD
One Size - Fits 8 to 12
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Meet one our fave combo sets, the scandalous lace suspender with a pair of sheer black stockings and the tantalising Tequila Thong. 

Rose gold accessories on a soft waistband ensures this simple and elegant lace suspender will look sensational. The clip at the back on the waistband has 3 different adjustments which allows it to easily fit sizes 8 through to 12.

Wear the Tequila Thong which is also made from our soft glowing Italian lace. Stunning rose gold jewellery with rhinestones placed at centre back lets you tempt and tantalise in the bedroom. Twin elastic side straps keeps the garment skimpy and sexy. As the straps can be worn either high or low over the hips, the Thong can easily fit sizes 8 through to 12.



NB: Due to health regulations, we can’t offer any refunds, exchanges or store credits for the Thong so please choose your size carefully. You’re welcome to email us with any questions about sizes at: