LuminoGlow is a boutique lingerie label styling beautiful delicate European glow in the dark lace. Our lingerie says adore me, even in the dark…

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        LuminoGlow Lingerie

Single, Too fabulous to settle ? Dating, And in love?

Valentine’s Day is THE time to be thinking about love, romance and how your own love life is looking right now or perhaps isn’t looking right now!

Feeling inspired to don a piece of kick ass lingerie to turn on your partner or perhaps you just want to make yourself look fabulous again? Do it for you!  What better way than to wear a beautiful piece of glow in the dark lace lingerie from the LuminoGlow range? It’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s dial!

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We think the following wise words we read last year from encapsulates our thoughts perfectly.

“You don’t need the perfect relationship to be happy. Be in love with what you have today!

If you’re desperately seeking the absolutely perfect relationship, call off the search!

Whether you’re single, dating, married or divorced, you don’t need to find a brand new partner — or a perfect partner at all — to be happier in love today. All you need to do is look at your current love life “bright side up,” from a more positive perspective. By learning to appreciate what’s in front of you, being grateful for the good stuff, and shifting the way you approach relationships, you can be happier right now. In other words, don’t change your love life, just change how you see it.”