LuminoGlow is a boutique lingerie label styling beautiful delicate European glow in the dark lace. Our lingerie says adore me, even in the dark…

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        LuminoGlow Lingerie

LuminoGlow In The Media

We are astounded by the support we have been receiving in online and print publications around the world. We have been featured on Daily, and Style List Canada!

After the launch of our exquisite new collection Aurora in late 2014, LuminoGlow has garnered attention both at home and internationally. Our fresh collection has been given rave reviews, with the LuminoGlow write-up in The LAD Bible stating “go out and get your other half some of these…they’re awesome” and Elite Daily noting “when you catch a glimpse at these sultry, gorgeous underthings, you’ll understand the allure”.

New Media Collage

Most recently, we were featured in Latte Magazine, a must-have for corporate women and female business owners in Australia, and Get It Magazine, a monthly fashion, news and lifestyle essential that is popular on the Gold Coast. We were also included the Swedish publication In Be Go and American magazine Fashion Affair.

We are so happy that our ground-breaking glowing lace technology has been recognised by a number of media outlets. We hope we can continue to gain some exposure so we can give more women the opportunity to glow inside and out.